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A complex of amino acids and trace elements, intended for plant revitalization and additional nutrition.

Instructions for use

Registered for ORGANIC FARMS

A complex of amino acids and microelements intended for plant revitalization and additional nutrition.

Terra Sorb Foliar® ​​is a particularly effective means of revitalizing plants affected by various unfavorable conditions for growth, such as:

Physical: cold, heat, waterlogging.
Biological: the influx of pathogens, pests.
Chemicals: pesticides, salts.
Mechanical damage.

contains free L-α-amino acids, especially important for plant nutrition;
stimulates the growth of roots and small roots;
promotes stomatal closure, thus retaining water in tissues during drought;
promotes photosynthesis;
slows down withering and aging;
promotes faster fruiting;
preserves the fruit until harvest;
promotes fruit ripening and an earlier and larger harvest;
affects the texture of the fruit, the formation of sugar, the reduction of acidity, the formation of pigments and aromas, which give the fruit attractiveness.

These are amino acids of high purity - the main "building blocks" of proteins. Proteins perform many different functions in plants - they are included in the composition of enzymes, phytohormones, chlorophyll, participate in the processes of energy metabolism, photosynthesis, respiration, material and water transport, and are the main building material of cells. When plants experience stress, such as drought, cold or herbicides, many systems go into oblivion, most vital processes slow down significantly, so even in the presence of sufficient nutrients, the plant recovers very slowly. After spraying the plant with free amino acids, it absorbs them through the leaves and immediately uses them for its physiological needs. Otherwise, the plant would have to synthesize the necessary amino acids from nitrogen, hydrogen and other basic substances, and its recovery would take much longer. After using amino acids, the stressed plant returns to its normal physiological state several times faster than it would do on its own.


Can be used on potatoes, beets, beets, onions, garlic, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini and other fruit-bearing vegetables. It is also recommended for lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, celery, cauliflower and other leafy vegetables, strawberries, ornamental plants, outdoor and indoor flowers, stone fruits, seed fruits. It is also perfect for lawn care, to protect against adverse weather conditions, e.g.: heat or to revive after winter.

Recommended for seed staining and spraying on plant leaves.

Usage rate: 100ml/10 l of water.


Terra Sorb® Foliar can be mixed with all foliar fertilizers or plant protection products. If mixed with sulfur, copper compounds and oil, we recommend reducing the dose by half.

Note: the formation of a small amount of sediment does not affect the quality and effectiveness of the preparation.