Philodendron Gigas

Philodendron Gigas

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Philodendron Gigas 12Ø 45cm

Plant height is measured from the bottom of the pot

This shelf contains only rare, hard-to-find plants, their cuttings and seedlings, seedlings or children. If the plants are here, it means they haven't reached the garden yet. There are ordered, on the way or Gypsy found reliable access to them. However, until you arrive, you cannot guarantee that they are what Gypsy and you expect, so please make a reservation as follows:

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Do not make the payment until Gypsy contacts you. When the joy arrives, we will inform you and send you an invoice for payment. You will pay in the way that is convenient for you: by card, Paypal, bank transfer.

Share the message with your friends, the more people who want it - the faster the plants will reach you and at a friendlier price, at least in the future.

Grateful Gypsy for trusting him and letting him hunt.